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Fielding Ballard, III

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Jane Elkin Thomas

Marty Lanus

In Honor of Judge Stratton

Resolution in Honor of and Respect for

Robert J. "Bobby" Stratton

April 22, 2009

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In Honor of Mike Casey

Resolution in Honor of and Respect for

Michael T. Casey

April 22, 2009

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President of the United States

Barack Obama


Steven L. Beshear

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Jerry Abramson

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Alison Lundergan Grimes

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Jack Conway

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Adam Edelen

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Todd Hollenbach

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Sue Carole Perry

Mike Armstrong

Bobby Waits

Property Valuation Administrator
Brad McDowell

Tony Carriss
Eddie Kingsolver
Hubie Pollett
Mike Whitehouse

Tom Hardesty

City Council
Donna Eaton
Alan Matthews
Shane Suttor
Mike Zoeller

It's A Great Time To Be A Democrat In Shelby County!

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Shelbyville Christmas Parade 2012 Print

Thanks to all our Shelby County Democrats who participated in this year's Christmas Parade!  Here are some pictures of the floats courtesy of Linda Humphress.

Celebration of Lights Tonight! Print
Come see us at the Celebration of Lights in downtown Shelbyville tonight.  We'll have a booth there from 3 PM until about 7 PM, and we'll be giving out free cookies and apple cider. With the temperatures more like spring than Christmas, it's going to be a great time to come out and enjoy the lights.
Turn the Fourth District Blue! Print
A group of Democrats, young and old, will be meeting this Saturday (11/6) at 8:00 A.M. at the gas pumps at Kroger to caravan to Northern Kentucky to campaign for Bill Adkins in a canvassing effort. This election will be won or lost in Northern Kentucky. This Saturday could make the difference!
Lee Boyd will be heading this up with help from Molly Carter. Please see if you can help out on the weekend before Election Day.
Tom Massie Lies About Taking Federal Money Print

Tom Massie Lies About Taking Federal Money on Vimeo.

Election Fraud Is Real - And It's Being Done By Republican Officials! Print

From The Washington Post...La Porte County Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Jones began to suspect there was problem late last week when he started getting calls from early voters who said they’d been turned away by election officials as ineligible.

The county set out in 2011 to clean up its rolls, purging those who had failed to vote in the previous two federal election cycles. The exercise was expected to involve around 800 names, many of them people who were dead, incarcerated or had left the northwest Indiana county about 60 miles east of Chicago.

But Jones was hearing from residents who were quite alive and had voted in 2008. When state officials looked at the list of cancelled voters, it turned out that the purge was more of a mini-massacre. Records showed more than 13,000 voters had been dropped, about 16 percent of the 80,000 La Porte voters registered in 2008. Jones has asked for a Justice Department investigation.

“We didn’t expect this in our county,” said Jones. “We’re not going to tolerate this. We have a lot of citizens who are outraged.”

The purge was supervised by the county’s Republican co-director of voter registration, Donna Harris, who happens to be married to La Porte County Republican Chairman Keith Harris, who appointed her to the job in February 2010. He also happens to be on the ballot this year, as a candidate for circuit court clerk. (He ran unsuccessfully for other offices prior to hiring his wife). Much of the pruning of the rolls was done while the Democratic co-director was out for three months on medical leave.

None of this will have much of a bearing on the presidential race. Indiana, which went narrowly for President Obama in 2008, is expected to be in Mitt Romney’s column this year. But the U.S. Senate contest between Rep. Joe Donnelly (D) and Republican Richard Mourdock  is a toss-up. La Porte is in Donnelly’s Second Congressional District, in other words the heart of his base.

Read the entire story here.


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